Magical Mama Retreat 2017
From  Fri, October 20, 2017
To  Sun, October 22, 2017
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Dorm Room [+] 3 $497.00
Single bed in a shared space with 5 to 7 other women.
Jack & Jill Room [+] 3 $647.00
Share with 1 other woman or have your own private room (shared bathroom)
Private Room [+] 1 $797.00
Private room and bathroom
Magical Mother's Day [+] 10 $97.00
One day "in town" rereat! May 20, 2017 from 10am to 4:00pm at Interfaith Community Center in Mesa. Lunch included.
Sister Circle [+] $47.00
One pass to a Sister Circle. They are held the 2nd Saturday of each month from 10am-Noon.
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By registering for this retreat, you agree to the terms below.

We have heard the call. We have learned that we create sacred space and holy ground when we gather in circle with powerful women. We go deep together. We lift each other up. The fires burn hotter and cleaner, when we gather, which allows our lights to shine brighter. The old, outdated ways of power by force and "power over" are coming to an end. This will continue to be illuminated over the coming years. The Divine Feminine, the nurturing and creative power, the "empowering," is emerging, and the time for the mothers, the teachers, the sisters, the daughters, the WOMEN to gather, is now.

Included in Magical Mama Tribe:

***Second Saturdays Sister Circles, 10am - noon, @ Moxie Meditation in Tempe

Dates and Times Confirmed, Event and Location Subject to Change:

*January - Intention Expansion & Drumming
*February- Claiming our Sensuality
*March- Ecstatic Dance
*April- Spa Day
*May- Magical Mother's Day (Day Retreat! See below.)
*June- Crafting With Crystals
*July- Exploring & Connecting with the Wild Woman Archetype
*August- Sound Healing
*September- Women's Temple (Non-Sexual Tantra)
*October- Magical Mama Retreat (Weekend Retreat! See below.)

***Two Guest Passes to the Second Saturday Circles!

***Magical Mother’s Day 10am - 4pm, May 20, 2017@ Interfaith Community Center in Mesa

This in-town retreat is the perfect reprieve for mamas who need to stay close. We will connect deeply in our sacred sanctuary through Sisterhood Concentric Circles, mindful eating & local, organic lunch! We will indulge in ultra nourishing self-care with options of Reflexology, Reiki Healing, Massage, Coloring Meditation & the Reading/Journaling Lounge. We will also experience inspirational active listening exercises, explore the “Goddess Shower,” a not-to-be-missed experience of music & touch, as well as empowerment exercises and guided imagery.

***Magical Messages
Inspirational texts comin' atcha when you least expect it, and most need it!

***Private Magical Facebook Group
Stay connected with your sisterhood!

***Magical Mama Weekend Retreat, @ Arcosanti
Friday, October 20 - Sunday, October 22, 2017
Why Mamas Love It:
1. Me Time. As much as you want. Seriously. You can just sleep all day and wake up to eat and use the restroom. You can journal and experience self-reflection under a tree for hours. Your time here belongs to you, and only you.
2. Nature. We’ll do yoga at the edge of a beautiful gorge, go on a nature hike, and tell goddess stories by a bonfire, under the stars.
3. Sisterhood. We will be in circle the entire weekend. We promise you will laugh, cry, and get lots of hugs. You will experience deep conversations with women you barely know, and come out the other side calling these women “sisters.”
4 .Health and Fitness. We will eat organic, locally grown, freshly prepared foods each day. In addition to enjoying yoga and a hike, you will find that Arcosanti is a magical art community with lots of stairs, twists and turns, and pathways leading to sacred spaces. You will also experience profound healing through sound, guided imagery, and daily meditation. You will absolutely return home stronger, focused, and more relaxed.
5. Self-expression. You will create art and discover the goddess who lies within. You will use your voice in ways you may never have thought possible. You will connect with the inner spark that makes you YOU.

***Giving Back
$50 of every Tribe membership is donated to local charity No Drama Baby Mama to nourish & empower pregnant teens!

The promises of this Tribe:

1. Consistent Self-Care. “Mindful and consistent self-care is central to preventing or reducing stress, burnout, and compassion fatigue and also – importantly – to maintaining and enhancing your well-being now and in the future.” -School of Social Work, University at Buffalo. As with any diet, meditation, or exercise routine, consistency is key.

2. Fully Transferable. We understand that living a fulfilling life sometimes means choosing between two or more awesome opportunities. Kids’ recitals, vacations, and urgent situations where we get to make a big difference also happen on days the Magical Mamas gather. You are always welcomed to gift your spot at any live event to a friend or loved one, scheduled ahead of time, as a present, or even last-minute.

3. Exquisite Experiences and Reliability. The food will always be organic. The facilitators will always be well-respected in the community and well-compensated for their service to you. The circle will always be cast, rain or shine. These events are created with intention, designed to encourage, stretch, and nourish you deeply.


As of November 13, 2016, we have 11 Magical Mama Tribe 2017 Memberships left. For mamas who sign up on or before December 3rd, 2016, you will also receive access to the inspiring live event "Harmony for the Holidays!" with Nikki Brewer, Blue Russ, and Jennifer Hoeprich. Check it out!


Payment Options:

Magical Mama Tribe Dorm Membership: $797
OR Monthly Payments (12) of $79

Magical Mama Tribe Shared or Private Room Membership: $997 OR Monthly Payments (12) of $97

Grab your opportunity to gather with like-minded women to learn, grow, and share wisdom all year long! Now is the time!


The information and activities utilized during this retreat are not intended to take the place of medical advice and/or treatment from your personal physician. Always consult your physician regarding verification of any health, disease, nutrition, and exercise related information, especially pertaining to your health. Always consult your trusted health care advisor before making any changes to your diet and/or exercise regiment.

While every effort will be made for your safety, you are responsible for yourself during the retreat. The organizers are not responsible for injury, illness, accident or any result of the activities you chose to participate in. You can choose freely which activities to participate in, without pressure or reason.

By attending, you agree to be included in photos that may be used to promote the retreat in the future. You may opt-out of this photo release by notifying us at any point during the event.

Refund Policy:

We honor the investment you just made in yourself, and are aware that busy Mamas may hesitate to take this time away! While there are no refunds, we understand that emergencies do happen. You may gift any of the live events to another Mama if you are unable to attend.


In order to create a safe space for the women participating in this event, it is essential that what we share remains confidential. No personal or identifying information may be shared outside the group during or after the retreat.

Questions should be directed to the organizers by emailing
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